WHY BeOlive? 

BeOlive represents what I stand for and believe in. To begin with, it’s part of my name, my identity. It also gives a hint of the topics I deal with when translating.

Furthermore, Olives have countless properties and benefits to our health due to their richness in oleic acid. The Olive branch also historically represents peace and goodwill. With BeOlive, I can embrace my personal self and my professional self, which is a reflection of my holistic way of living.

At BeOLIVE, you’ll be working directly with me and no third parties; thus you’ll receive a personalized, culturally-oriented and human, in every sense of the word, translation that focuses on your needs. Being trained as a Literary and Scientific-Technical Translator provides me with the necessary knowledge and tools to manage the texts included in my areas of expertise.

For instance, working with literary texts at college helped me develop my creativity and the technical and scientific documents with the development of simple, concise, and straightforward writing as well as the use of highly specific terminology.

Just as olive oil is the final touch for enriching your food preparation, BeOlive is the missing element for your translations to run smoothly. How do I achieve that? Here is my secret recipe for the perfect translation:

1- Sauté 1 cup of subject-matter specialized translator with first-class resources and excellent skills.

2- Add 1 cup of editing and proofreading. Let it sit for a while.

3- Repeat.

4- Enjoy your fresh and tasty translation.


I help you grow your business by translating your material so that it can travel further around the world, connecting you with more clients and improving the quality of life of people around the world.


I want to be your long-term language partner when it comes to localizing your products, and achieve an enriching relationship that is not only profitable to both of us, but is also personal and human. We will work together to make the best out of your business.


Awareness, closeness, commitment, honesty, humanism, inspiration, professionalism, respect, wellbeing.